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  • In 2000 work on investigation phase of the QWSEIP was undertaken by the GOB through bridge financing pending approval of the scheme by Federal Government. But still there is shortage of water in the Town and situation is likely to deteriorate rapidly unless immediate steps are taken. To over come the problem of shortage of water it has been planed to drill deep wells in the foot hill of Murdar range from which drilling of tubewells under taken in L-I, L-II and L-III area.


As per WASA, Act 1989, this Authority was created and made responsible for the management & supply of Water to the public. The main purpose of this Authority is to provide safe and clean drinking water according to the requirements of inhabitants of the area and to provide hygienic and pollution free environment from the effects of sewerage and dirty water and to combat also the requirements of the consumers of WASA. As a part of the responsibility WASA has undertaken huge projects and the new water resources are being developed. WASA has taken its responsibilities and utilizing all its energy and efforts to meet the requirements of the growing population and also has succeeded in its aim to great extent. In addition WASA has undertaken a huge project of development of new resources in and around the mountainous range of Quetta. The exploration program is under way and near to finis and hopefully the project will provide a quick relief to the inhabitants of Quetta Valley form the crises of water shortage and sufficient availability of water will be made for next 20 years.

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