Departmental Functions

  • To obtain maximum output from the existing fleet of bulldozers on subsidized rates, within the available resources.
  • Reclamation / Development of cultivable waste.
  • Leveling of Agricultural Land.
  • Construction of Dykes / Sailabi Bundat.
  • To harness the runoff of rainfall, thus conserving moisture for utilization in Sailabi(flood) cultivation.
  • Preparation of new land on stream bed, which is formed after silting up.
  • Construction of micro dams for the storage of flash-water with a view to maintain and recharge the aquifer to ensure regular availability of irrigation water through neighboring springs, tube wells, and open surface wells.
  • Restoration of flood damages to agricultural fields, roads and railway tracks during emergency.
  • Provision of agricultural machinery to farmers on subsidized rates for harvesting and threshing of wheat and paddy.