Archaeology Directorate

  • To regulate and exercise the powers vested under Balochistan Cultural heritage preservation Act, 2009.
  • To administer and control the affairs of exploration, excavation, preservation, conservation and protection of historical, cultural, anthropological, archaeological, religious and natural sites/monuments, tombs, fortification, graveyards and other antiquities under Balochistan Antiquities Act-2012.
  • To conduct surveys/investigation and researches regarding Archaeological sites and other antiquities in Balochistan and publish it through Research Journals, Books, Booklets, Brochures etc: in print media and disseminate it through electronic media, if it is deemed necessary.
  • To coordinate and collaborate with the universities, colleges and other educational institutions and organizations of the country and abroad having interest in the preservation, protection, exploration and conducting research on the archaeological sites / monuments and other antiquities and regulate these activities..
  • To regulate trade and business of the Archaeological objects, relics and other objects.

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