Functions and Organogram of Levies Directorate

  • Maintenance of law and order in "B" area.
  • Execution and service of summons / warrants.
  • Manning of Judicial lock ups in the "B" area.
  • Patrolling in "B" area including highways.
  • Protection of vital installations, railways tracks, birdges / culverts, buildings and railways.
  • Security of foreign expectorates and delegations in "B" area of the province.
  • Maintenance of law and order in Afghan refugees camps.
  • Participation in the relief work in natural calamities in their respective areas.
  • Levies force assists all other agencies in anti-smuggling raids and protection of the Park Afghan border.
  • Recovery of land revenue, usher, Agriculture Tax and all kinds of loans including Bank Loans.

Levies Organizational Structure