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  • Agriculture Research in Balochistan was initiated during 1891 with Plant Protection and Horticulture.
  • In early stages most of the work was on locust control, and on growing fruits and Vegetable.
  • The other job on Plant Protection was Quarantine and fumigation of Plants, Fruits and Vegetables on the boarded of India Sub-Content when these materials were coming from Afghanistan.
  • In 1945 the section of Entomology was staffed with one Entomologist, one Assistant Entomologist some ministerial staff and field labor, regular insect collection and preservation was practiced right from the beginning of the Entomological work in Balochistan.
  • A result of this work a museum was established which is till present and functioning as only insect museum in the province in Balochistan.
  • The area under cultivation has increased tremendously and reached up to 814512 hectares, more than 31 crops grow in the province.
  • In 2004 the complete directorate was established and with the name of Directorate Agriculture Research Plant Protection and Entomology and Plant Pathology Section were under this directorate, The tasks were assigned was Biological Control, Development of Integrates pest management, and control of nematodes and viruses on different crops, vegetable and fruits.
  • Agricultural production is a very complex system. It depends on several inter related components such development of appropriate production technology, dissemination of modern technology to the end users, and the formulation of farmer friendly agricultural policies


  • Transmission of modern crop technology and agricultural techniques to the growers;
  • Ascertaining the problem of growers relating to crop production and conveying them to the Research Wing for attention;
  • Organizing fruit and vegetable shows, exhibition and meals;
  • Demonstrating new varieties and techniques by laying out demonstrations plots;
  • Multiplying foundation seed from the nucleus seed for further distribution to progressive to progressive growers through the Punjab Seed Corporation;
  • Propagation pedigree nursery plants of fruits at Government nurseries for distribution to growers;
  • Layout orchards, model farms and budding of fruits;
  • Assisting Crop Reporting Services (CRS) in conducting surveys, collection of data, and Helping farmers in taking remedial measures against pest attack.

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