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After 2nd World War, the Civil department were established to cater and facilitate the General public with the vital essential commodities of wheat, atta, sugar, rice edible Oil, fire wood coal and match boxes etc. These items were supplied to the public on weekly basis at prescribed scale. This system remains in vogue till 1950, thereafter, provisional rationing system was introduced in the country and only wheat and sugar was issued to the public on prescribed scales. In April, 1987 the de-rationing policy had replaced the Provisional Rationing System in the country with the objective that the Government would only maintain a strategic reserves in all over the provinces by allowing free trade of wheat/atta. The Mill owners/private traders will allow to purchase from the open market and the Role of Food Department is restricted to stabilize open market prices by releasing wheat from the strategic reserves as and when the prices of the open market reported to be on higher side. Balochistan Province is the deficit wheat-producing province with exception of only Nasirabad Region caters its requirements from the adjacent province of Punjab and Sindh. With the logistic problems and the changes in the provincial policies of Sindh and Punjab, the over all requirements of Balochistan could not be availed from the open market trade, thus the Mill owners and traders of this province always depends on supplies through Government reserves, therefore there was always pressure on the Government reserves to increase its off take. The Food Department release 1/3rd remaining of 2/3rd of the total requirement met from open market of Sindh and Punjab.

Wings of Department

  • Dispatch Wing (Joint Director Food).
  • Rationing Wing (Deputy Director Food).
  • Commercial Account Branch (Chief Accounts Officer).
  • Admin: Wing (Deputy Director Food).
  • Statistical Wing (Statistic Officer).
  • District Organization, (Assistant Director Food)
  • Organization of P.R.Centers

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