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The Government of Pakistan has availed loan of 350 Million US Dollar from Asian bank under Access to Justice Program for introduction of reforms in the Criminal Justice System.One of the policy action under Access to Justice Program was creation of independent Prosecution Service.The share of Province of Balochistan was fixed on the basis of NFC formula and an amount of Rs.1114.480 Million was received to the Province during financial year 2007-08 out of which 80% share is fixed for infrastructure development whereas 20% for soft reforms.Section 492 of Criminal Procedure Court say“The Provincial Government may appoint, generally, or in any case, or for any specified class of cases, in any local area, one or more officers to be called Public Prosecutor”.The Government of Balochistan promulgated Prosecution service (Constitution, Function, Empowerment Act) in 2003. The Government of Balochistan framed Prosecution Service rules in 2006.The Prosecutor General was also appointed on 30-08-2006.Full fledged Prosecution Department was created in 2007.


To establish an efficient and performance based criminal Justice system with ingrained sense of dignity, trust and safeguarding the interest of the State with neutrality and impartiality.To remove the biases inherent in the system and ensure timely and affordable justice and meaningful remedies to the public at large in the society.To establish Prosecutorial independence and to provide better coordination in Criminal Justice System of Province and to meet the Government’s ideal “Joined up Criminal Justice System”. .

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  • Protection of rights, especially those of the poor and disadvantaged.
  • Strengthening capacities to seek remedies through formal and informal mechanisms.
  • Improving institutional capacities to provide remedies in relation to adjudication, due process, enforcement mechanisms (police and prisons), and civil society efforts to foster accountability.
  • To prosecute each and every offender of Law before the Courts and ensure dispensation of Justice by providing every possible Legal assistance before and during the Trial.
  • To reduce crime and the fear of crime.
  • To ensure the effective delivery of Justice.
  • To ensure that no real culprit goes unpunished and no innocent citizen is harassed and suffers uncalled for investigation and frivolous Trial.