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- Objectives

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Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) is an international household survey program developed by UNICEF. It has been conducted in more than 100 countries of the world. In Balochistan, first MICS was conducted during 2003-04 at district level with the technical and financial assistance of UNICEF. Reports may be read at links given in the right and left panes.


Planning & Development department, Government of Balochistan  conducted second district based MICS in 2010. UNICEF and Federal Bureau of Statistics provided technical support.



  • Provide information on the situation of children and women and assist the Government of Balochistan in establishing long term plans, and measure progress to report on the MDGs.

  • Identify inter-district and inter-region disparities with respect to selected indicators.

  • Strengthen technical expertise of the Government of Balochistan in the design, implementation, and analysis of MICS and other social sector surveys.

  • Contribute toward the improvement of data monitoring systems in Balochistan province.

  • Furnish indicator specific data needed for monitoring the progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, and the goals of A World Fir for Children (WFFC) as a basis for future action.

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Management Structure

MICS Balochistan 2010 was lead by MICS Steering Committee headed by Additional Chief Secretary (Development), Balochistan. Steering Committee members included Secretaries to Government of Balochistan  all Divisional Commissioners and representatives of reputed NGOs. A Technical Committee, chaired by Chief Economist of Balochistan, provided technical support in all crucial matters. Its constitution comprised of Additional Secretaries, Academia and NGOs. Chief of Section (MICS/Programming), P&D Department, performed as secretary to the Technical Committee. MICS Secretariat handled affairs relating to implementation of MICS Balochistan in addition to providing secretarial support to the Steering and Technical Committees. Chief of Section (MICS/Programming) is head of MICS Secretariat.

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Contact Information

Arif Hussain Shah

Chief of Section (MICS/Programming/Federal Projects)

MICS Secretariat, Planning & Development Department, Balochistan

Bock-6, Civil Secretariat, Quetta

Ph # 92 81 920 1225, FAX 92 81 9202034

email: artistarif@yahoo.com


Zulfiqar Durrani

Social Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (SPME) Officer
UNICEF Balochistan Provincial Office
email: zdurrani@unicef.org

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       MICS 2004

- Executive Summary

- Introduction

- Survey Methodology

- Sample

- Results

 . Literacy & Education

 . Water & Sanitation

 . Reproductive Health

 . Contraception &   


 . Child Health &


 . Child Protection

 . NIC / TB /


- Annexure

 . Sample design

 . Indicators list

 . Explanation of map

 . District ranking

 . Confidence limits

 . Survey validation

 . Data management


 . Maternal mortality


 . Technical notes

- Summary Tables

 . 1-5

 . 6-10

 . 11-15

 . 16-20

 . 21-25





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